La Panuzzara - Etna House

Between nature and silence of Etna Park

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The Panuzzara ~ Etna House is located between Sant’Alfio and Mascali, surrounded by nature and the silence of the Etna Park, is a lava stone millstone used in ancient times for the production of wine and restored to its ancient splendor after the total  restoration using targeted materials and respecting the finishes of the past, it is located within a context common to other millstones, also in the next phase of renovation.

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The structure consists of two communicating rooms, in one we find the kitchen, the bathroom and the comfortable attic, where the sleeping area is located, reachable by a staircase made of chestnut by the local carpenters. Moving on to the next space we find the wonderful millstone and the relaxation area.

LA Panuzzara - Etna House

La Panuzzara
Etna House

The gardens surrounding the Panuzzara are spread over various terraces from where you can see the sea on one side, with a view that goes from the port of Riposto to Taormina and Mount Etna on the other. The lucky ones at sunset will be able to meet the foxes that populate the gardens, it is also possible to collect various types of fruit based on the fruiting period.




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La Panuzzara - Etna house